Liden Primary School

Liden Primary School




Nursery - Squirrel Class - Open from 11th Feb

Rest of School - Open as Normal


Squirrels to attend Nursery from Tuesday 11th February - Due to wind damage to part

of the nursery the class usually occupied by the Squirrel children will continue to be

closed and Squirrel children will share occupancy of the Fox classroom.

Foxes and Bumble Bee classes will continue to be open as usual.

Rest of school will be open as usual.


Entrance to the nursery will be as follows:

Bumble Bees via Barrington Close gate for all pick up and drop offs.

Foxes and Squirrels

Morning entrance via the Fox & Squirrel conservatory.

Lunchtime collection via the Barrington Close gate.

Lunchtime drop-off via the school reception office.

3:15 collection via the Fox & Squirrel conservatory.


These arrangements will be in place until notified otherwise